Thursday, May 10, 2012

Red Hot.

Wow. Hi. Awkward break we took. Did you miss me as much as I missed you? Actually, don't answer that. Stay mysterious readers. As finals week is coming to an end, I am ecstatic to get my non existent life back. EXCITING STUFF. I'm burnt out on school, so any outfit (or anything) that doesn't involve thinking is good for me these days. I found this bright red, short, cotton dress on the Forever21 website for $7.80...sold. Then combined two of my favorite things to top off the outfit. Number 1 being the Denim jacket. This was a win win because I love demin AND I found it in my basement. Vintage a la Daddy once again. Loved the oversize feel of it, just incase I ever wanted to convert myself into a denim ball this jacket makes it possible.  And number 2 is McDonalds (maybe not exactly McDonalds...but food YES). Bright red dress, bright yellow shoes...just call me Ronald's dream girl. McDonalds chic if you will. I'm so classy.

red dress...Forever 21 $7.80 BUY IT HERE YO
sneaker\flat\shoe things...Tory Burch
jean basement closet (thanks dad)
for funsies here I am playing with nature.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

April Showers Bring May Flowers...Woof.

There's nothing like checking the weather on your phone and seeing that it's going to rain for the next week. Thank you spring.  I get it.  You excite us because you're here, and then play hard to get.  Touche.  I'm that girl who wouldn't complain if it was sunny and 80 degrees everyday.  In fact, if it were socially acceptable to eat for 4 months and hibernate with bears I would be the first chick snuggling up with those fuzzy creatures.  But they would probably eat me, so I'll just deal with the rain. There are only so many days I can wear my Hunters with black leggings and an American Apparel sweatshirt.  It is still spring time, time to spring-ify the rainy day wardrobe. 
I'm cheesing in the rain
love floral with bright colors. love.

rain boots...Hunter
high socks...(eh, I don't know)
floral dress...Forever 21
raincoat...Tory Burch (borrowed from my Mommy...hey guys borrowing is free FYI...just don't lose it because then it's not)
leopard umbrella ella ella...Totes 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Funday.

Hey Friday.  I like you.  You know what else I like?  Super fun dresses from Target that cost 20 bucks. Can we all just agree right now that Target rules.  It's like hey is there anywhere in the world where I can buy goldfish, vitamins, a camping tent, chap stick, batteries and a dress? Why, yes.  Yes there is.  Found this sucker the other day getting lost in Target and it was worth it.  

apologies for looking confused in half these pictures. "confused" and "thinking" often get misconstrued. but BAH I love this dress.
body con dress...Target $19.99 BUY IT HERE YO
Minnetonka zip ankle boot...$53.95 BUY IT HERE YO
good thing there is SO many drinks to choose from in here to quench my thirst.

now enjoy an awkward montage of me looking 1.sleepy a starfish 3.over it 4.super over it

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Sprautumn!

Pretty much if spring and autumn had a baby it would be sprautumn.  Right now, in New York at least, we're in that awkward (or awesome) stage of weather fluctuations. Meaning yesterday it was around 85 degrees, today it's a high of 63 degrees.  Anything goes with Mother Nature. I'm not complaining though, because this is time to mix spring and autumn clothes before it gets too hot and you want to cry because you're wearing boots. So throw on a spring dress, slap on some fall boots and call it a day.
floral dresses and combat boots is the new peanut butter and jelly. tell your friends.

I love a good puffy shoulder.

floral dress...Billabong via Bloomingdales $39.95 
(for the record, did anyone know that Bloomingdale's carried Billabong? It's not even listed online. Such a surprise. I'll take it.)
combat boots...Steve Madden $99 
crossbody bag...Urban Outfitters $19.99

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Protecting Your Peepers.

Sunglasses. Sunnies. Eyeshades. Whatever. I think I made the last one up. It's fine. As a girl who is legally blind (this clearly just adds to the list of why I am so effing cool) sunglasses are a must. Eyeshades (can we make this a thing guys?) are great for many reasons...they match every outfit, they help you look directly into the sun, if you're hungover you feel cuter (feel...not look...key word) and the list goes on.  Most importantly, they are cheap. Because of this, I literally have five pairs in my car because they keep stacking up. I'm that girl who bought a pair of sunglasses in a gas station once. They was like magic on my face.  

newest addition to the bunch 
$10 Target

Here's to protecting your peepers for cheapers.
Target $12.99 BUY IT HERE YO
Urban Outfitters $14 BUY IT HERE YO
heart sunnies $1.99 BUY IT HERE YO

Monday, April 16, 2012

Who Wears Short Shirts?

I do.  I love crop tops for two reasons.  The first being I can't stand "low rider" jeans or whatever.  Wearing them makes me constantly worry my ass (specifically the "coin slot")is hanging out...I would much rather my cheeks hanging out the bottom from my shorts being too short.  And in my head that's allowed.  So, I love anything high rise, and there is nothing to pair better with high riders than a crop top.  Second, it's literally HALF A SHIRT.  Meaning, it is pretty much half the price of a regular shirt. SOLD.

high shorts. short shirts. win win.
sandals...Target (last year)

print shorts...Free People (got these at Off Saks)

denim bustier...American Eagle $24.50 BUY IT HERE YO

I just like nature and crop tops so much guys.

And here are some other favorites...
tobi crop $16 TODAY (normally $24) BUY IT HERE YO

electric feel crop top $34 BUY IT HERE YO
Nasty Gal floral crop top $30 BUY IT HERE YO

Nordstroms Jr Department solid black (also comes in white) crop top...$24 BUY IT HERE YO